Most mornings on the way home from school drop off I stop the car at a lovely walking track and walk for 30 mins before I start my work day.

This morning I decided to take a slightly different approach and start my walk from the opposite end of the path. Why? No reason in particular. I just thought I’d change things up a little to prevent my routine from becoming too boring.

While I was driving along to the other end of the track I noticed a random access path between a couple of houses. I thought to myself “this will do” and I parked the car and made my way to the track.

As I wandered down the access path I felt a little surprised. How had I never noticed this pathway before?

It’s quite obvious and has a ‘public pathway’ sign pointing to it but every morning I walked past it, not just once but twice, and have never even noticed it was there!

The simple reason I had never noticed it before is because I was never looking for it.

While I’m walking I get caught up looking at the birds on the lake or trying to spot the cute little willy wagtails hopping about in the trees. I absorb myself in the sounds of kookaburras and other birds in the bush nearby.

And I suppose I never noticed it because I never needed a different access pathway. I always start from the same spot and I don’t need to think about it. I just do it.

So this got me thinking that this is such a perfect metaphor for how we can become stuck in the day to day routine of our biz.

We can quite happily become absorbed in doing things the way we’ve always done them that we don’t go looking for easier or more efficient ways. We just do what we do because that’s our routine and it gives us certainty and control.

While there are some things in biz that are important to systemize and create processes around, isn’t it important to always be looking for new opportunities to make our systems even more effective and our business more profitable?

There’s always a different path you can take that will take you where you want to go. But you won’t find unless your eyes are open and you’re looking for it.

I’m a stickler for routine and I like a bit of predictability in my life. But I also need to be spontaneous every now and then to keep my eyes open to new opportunities and different ways of thinking.

Breaking the same old patterns occasionally is freedom to me.

I just need to remember the benefits of shaking things up and walking a different path every now and then to keep those opportunities and ideas flowing.

Over to you …

What are you doing in your biz right now that keeps you safe and comfortable? Have you taken a step back from your biz to consider the opportunities are right in front of you to automate or systemise what you do? How often do you change things up and take a different approach to the way you do things?