I was chatting with a client recently about the general ‘noise’ that seems to be out there at the moment when it comes to social media and in particular Facebook.

We spoke about how challenging it can be to stand out in this crowded market place and also how challenging it can be not to fall into the trap of clicking on all the links and signing up for every freebie just to check out what everyone else is doing.

Not only is that a HUGE time-waster, it’s a very slippery slope into a place called ‘comparisonitis’. And once you’re there, it’s hard to pull yourself out!

So, this little chat got me thinking about how we can stop comparing ourselves to everyone else and to quit holding ourselves back from doing the things we really want to do.

There’s no joy in feeling like we’re not ready yet or we’re not good enough or that we can’t compete with the other women who are totally rocking their marketing online.

The truth is, there is space for everyone in this magical world of the internet and it’s OK to be authentically and uniquely you. In fact it’s more than OK, it should be celebrated!

Why try fit into a copy-cat mold of how you ‘think’ you need to present yourself online. Just present yourself as YOU.

I know there’s a fire in your belly to do what you do, right?  If there wasn’t, then you wouldn’t be in business for yourself.

You’re doing this for a reason and that reason is unique to you. It’s one of the many unique and magnificent characteristics that make you who you are.

It’s time to celebrate and share your passions.  Talk openly about that thing that makes your eyes sparkle and your heart skip a beat with excitement

YOUR joy and passion ignites joy and passion in others – so go on and share it around!

There’s nothing more authentic than making connections with other people when you’re being real about who you are and what matters to you. And that’s how you stand out in this crowded market-place and attract like-minded souls who believe in what you stand for and who want to hear more of what you have to say.

Celebrate YOU today and every day.

Over to you …

I’d love to know … what is it that makes you uniquely you? Leave a comment below and celebrate beautiful you.